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Australian Weather Stats Software Ver 1.5.8 / 16th August 2014

Australian Weather Stats is a small freeware application that polls real time weather statistics from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and displays them in a number of ways on your computer Desktop.

It is only applicable to Australian Observations not other countries. There was a lack of good live Australian regional weather statistics / observations in other weather applications that this is designed to provide.

Australia is roughly the geographical size of the USA with only a small number of capital cities (7), thus capital city or major airport based observations are of little use as the stations are often some distance from the users in Australia.

This application gets observations from over 720 Australian Bureau of Meteorology (B.O.M.) weather stations plus 4 day forecasts and rain images and more......

The program

The main settings window displays stats from the individual State and Observation station selected. The main settings window also provides access to various forecasts available for the state selected and rain radar image viewing.

There is a System Tray Text display that will display any one or two stats or observations chosen by you, it will display it the same as your windows system clock not just an Icon.

(display no Theme)

(display with Theme)

(Dual display with temp trend arrow)

A Pop up Balloon appears when you place the mouse over display to show all Stats for the area and time of last Observation.

Right Click Menu

Right clicking mouse over the display shows menu options

There is also a Hot Key to access all menu options.

Micro banner

The micro banner display that will allow display of all observations for the station selected, it will shift the desktop to make room for it so your applications don't hide it.

Historical graph display

The graph display shows the last 72, 48, 24 or 12 hrs of Weather Stats for the station selected.

E-mail alerts

Email notification sent when Weather Stats alarm condition is tiggered, sends Alarm On/Off condition and current weather stats to an E-mail address.

Auto Update

The Auto Update checking function will check your version against the latest and advise for updates note this is turned on by default and can be turned off in settings, it will also allow instant update of INI file changes. The weather.ini update may be needed when there are changes to B.O.M. data provided that does not require a full program update.

NOTE if Weather Stats was working but ceases to get readings ALWAYS use the auto update feature to get the latest INI, this doesnt require updating of the whole program just a file in it that it will do itself. Go to the "About" dialog box and press "Auto Update" button, if there is an update the program will say so and retrieve it, this will often resolve data issues.

Weather Stats is Freeware, runs on Vista, Win7, Win8 (32bit and 64bit) (309 KB) / 16th Aug 2014

After download "extract" weathrxp.exe and run it
to Install.

For Win98 ONLY before using the installer above download, extract bcsrun.exe from it and double click it to install runtimes. 1MB

For the latest on changes see "History.txt" included.

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