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ASPI Rip CD-ROM "Ripping Issues"

Audio CD-RomCD ripping issues


  • CD ripper settings
  • ASPI Rip  has fully automated speed sensing, jitter correction and buffer control.

    Users are not required to set these manually.

    If you have the correct ASPI drivers and a fully DAE supporting CD-Rom then you will be able to rip without error in ASPI Rip  using its internal automated error control.

    There are 3 manual error control "modes" in ASPI Rip  to modify the ASPI control during audio extraction.

    Normal, Buffer Burst Read and Synch Sector, these modes may allow you to rip where you experience error messages.

  • CD and ASPI tester
  • Information previously provided on this page for ASPI fixes is now dealt in the tester itself.

    If you do not have the latest version of ASPI Rip  then please download and install it.

    If you do have a ripping error at any time you can run the ASPI+CD-Rom tester.

    This will be run on installation of ASPI Rip  to do initial testing and add settings to ASPI Rip  based on CD device checks.

    If there is any ASPI issues detected the tester program will offer instructions on how to fix ASPI in the final screen of the tester following the CD tests. You will see three large buttons, one of those is for ASPI fixes so press it.

    There is also a button in the same final tester screen to View the tester Log and review any errors found in the tests.

    This log can be usefull if you require support and may be requested.

    To run the tester at any time other than the installation of ASPI Rip go to the ASPI Rip  general options dialog and see the CD devices section and the "Test ASPI+CD-Rom" button, this will run the tester, re-detect drives and drive letters, test ASPI drivers and detect registry entries required for ASPI.

    For any issues not covered in the tester please contact via support page.

  • Program ASPI Notes:
  • The best method for CD Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) is via ASPI layer.

    All Rippers do perform DAE using ASPI, but only if the ASPI layer is working correctly, if it is not ASPI Rip  will not work because ASPI Rip  ONLY uses DAE method.

    This simply because all Windows computers can run ASPI layer and it assures the best Audio extraction results over all other methods used so inferior methods are not used.

    Other CD ripping programs often incorporate other methods for Ripping the CD to operate if the DAE method via ASPI does not work on your computer.

    Because ASPI Rip  only supports the best method of CD Audio extraction by design it includes a testing program during the installation to ensure the CD can be read via ASPI layer.

    NOTE: Because Windows 2000 and Windows XP are not provided with ASPI drivers, (Win95 / 98 are) you will need to add them.

  • Why do you have to go the the trouble of using ASPI ?
  • It may make it simpler for you if a ripper program diverts to inferior ripping methods, but the point of the whole exercise to rip CD's is so you achieve the best quality thus ASPI Rip  only does it the best way and leaves the other inferior methods out of the program.

    For those with dire problems prohibiting use of DAE ripping there is a program provided with ASPI Rip  called Analog Rip  that will both record a CD playing to file for tracks or tracks range selected instead of digitally ripping the CD via IDE to create mp3 files.

    In others Rippers what Analog Rip  does is called the analog method.

    The reason Analog Rip  is separate from the main ASPI Rip  is by design, I wouldn't want to you to inadvertently get the idea it was a good thing to record CD to files via the sound card as quite a few programs do willingly, best to use DAE via ASPI Rip  .

    ASPI Rip  may make you jump a hoop dealing with ASPI layer, but you will reap the benefits in the quality you have in all your music you encode by using ASPI layer to extract CD audio and no other method, whatever ripper you use.

    It is also true that once you fix ASPI if it is mis configured your system may become more stable and other programs.

    After you have listened to your music many times over and are more critical of glitches or odd noises you hear you will be wishing you took to time to do all your Ripping the right way so if you have arrived here from the program because there is an ASPI issue keep reading and get the fix for ASPI.

  • ASPI error issues.
  • Alwasy run the ASPI+CD-Rom test from ASPI Rip  it will test ASPI drivers and versions and test ASPI initialisation as well as each CD-Rom device.

  • OTHER issues relating to CD-ROM error messages
  • Your CD-ROM itself may not be compatible for high speed DAE via ASPI layer.

    If you have any program that access the CD-Rom devices it must be disabled or turned off whilst ripping if you encounter ASPI Error = 700.

    This means it is disconnecting during operations which can be another program accessing CD like a CD burning software (direct CD) or a program constantly accessing hard disc on machine with older slower disc drives.

    In this case you have error = 700 you must close all disc access program including virus scanners and CD software.

    The CD-ROM must be on the same machine as the ASPI Rip  , it cannot be a Network mapped CD-ROM as ASPI Rip  wont use the ASPI drivers on the mapped machine, it will only access the ones on the machine the application resides on connected to its local CD-ROM.

    You can Encode over a LAN and Rip the CD to a destination Drive or folder on a Network drive. JukeBox Decoder works over a LAN also.

    Encoding is best done on the fastest machine you own. Ripping on the best CD-ROM you own.

    It may be a good idea before you purchase a new CD-Rom, evaluate your usage and get a decent one for the job that will definitely support full DAE, it really makes the difference.

    A DAE supporting CD-Rom player is about the same price as 4 to 5 music CD’s so if you want quality sound use DAE ripping.

    If you cannot get another CD-Rom to support DAE Ripping then you can use analogue recording methods with Analog Rip  provided with the programs.


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