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2T Exhaust Calc - Ver 1.1.0 / 6th April 2019

2T Exhaust Calc is a Freeware program created to design a 2 Stroke engine performance exhaust system generally referred to as an "Expansion Chamber"

The software equations used are derived from the work of Professor Gordon P Blair who carried out the most comprehensive scientic study of 2 stroke engines ever undertaken and published by SAE (Society Of Automotive Engineers.)

This software covers the 3 stage diffuser type expansion chamber exhaust as per equations provided in his book entitled "Design and Simulation of TWO-STROKE ENGINES" published in 1996

2T Exhaust Calc is Freeware, runs on all 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows

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Download link

Self installing EXE inside ZIP file. 188KB

After download unzip installer from zip file (right click file in Windows and choose "Expand") and see ReadMeInstaller.txt file to Install.


Stand alone program (no installer) inside ZIP file. 98.6KB

You will need to create a folder for it to run it. Unzip files in to folder (right click zip file in Windows and choose "Expand"), see ReadMe.txt file included in zip file.

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